Hot forging of brass parts

Hot forging
of brass parts
for taps and fittings

100% maede in Italy
Quality, service, experience, fast turnaround
Stamperia SB specialises in the hot forging of brass parts. Established in 1967, it has two large production facilities located in Paderno (Brescia) and Invorio (Novara). We manufacture to order based on designs and specifications. We also provide for the European market in addition to the Italian market, with an active presence in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and available for customers all over Europe.

We offer high quality products since 1967, ensuring high production capacity with fast order management turnaround and fulfilment.

Utmost control during the production cycle, constant striving to improve and order management professionalism are the cornerstone of Stamperia SB, the partner you can rely on.
Area 7.000
m² dedicated
to manufacturing
Number of items 170.000.000
items manufactured per year
Tonnes of items 10.000
tonnes of items
manufactured per year
Number of presses 13
presses (9 Hateburs)
Years of experience 57
years of experience
Hatebur Forging
Hatebur Forging
Hatebur forging has always been the core business of Stamperia SB, the standard for nuts, spheres, sleeves, fittings, caps and nipples, thanks to complete know-how in hot forging.
Vertical forging
Stamperia SB has a vertical forging manufacturing line to complete the range of brass items manufactured. This way we can offer complete service for the sector of taps, valves and fittings.
Vertical forging