Hot brass forging


Stamperia SB specialises in the hot forging of brass parts. Founded in 1967, it has two large production facilities located in Paderno Franciacorta (Brescia) and Invorio (Novara), both in northern Italy. We manufacture to order based on designs and specifications.
The production cycle
Feasibility study
A targeted estimate is prepared based on the study of the requested part.

Press designing and manufacturing
Our technical office analyses and develops customer designs and projects. We then manufacture a mould and potential supporting equipment.

Analysis turnaround time and methods
In this phase we analyse the turnaround and methods to optimise the production cycle.

Raw material
The Logistics Office deals with the management of brass bars, preparing them for forging in compliance with current regulations.
Material used
Hatebur forging
  • CW617N
  • CW510L
  • CW602N
Vertical forging
  • CW617N
  • CW510L
  • CW602N
  • CW625N
  • CW511L
  • CW612N
  • CW626N
  • CW725R
Hot forging
As needed, forging is performed with horizontal Hatebur presses for nuts, spheres and sleeves, or with vertical presses for fittings and valves.
Performed using modern robotic islands or shears.
Superficial treatments
All treatments are performed on request. We perform sand-blasting to clean forged parts and to improve the surface appearance.
Quality control
Throughout the entire production cycle, Quality Control ensures that items meet the geometric characteristics and properties ordered during the planning phase.
The orderly management of the warehouse and the resulting punctuality of shipments are essentials for our company.
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