Stamperia SB
Who We are

Who We are

Stamperia SB is an Italian company that specialises in the hot forging of brass parts. Our skills are guaranteed by over 50 years of experience in the sector.

The company was founded in 1967 in Invorio in the province of Novara and it initially focused its attention on the exclusive manufacturing of nuts, spheres, sleeves, fittings and caps by using Hatebur presses.
In 1993, Stamperia SB broadened its horizons, opening a second facility in Paderno Franciacorta in the province of Brescia, a city well-known in Italy and all over Europe for the processing of metals.
Facility in Invorio - Novara
Facility in Paderno Franciacorta - Brescia
In the new facility a vertical forging line was immediately implemented which made it possible to manufacture parts such as taps, valve bodies, fittings, nipples of various sizes, profiled and personalised to order.

We have always sought to offer utmost quality through technological innovation and the preparation of our technicians, providing an ever broader range of brass forging, relying on a production cycle that can optimise turnover and costs.
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